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Re: MAC Sims 4 Trackpad Issue

by Bluebellflora

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Right click and scroll not working - Strangerville, Mac OS X 10.13.6

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All right, so I’m running Sims 4 (several EPs including Strangerville) on a 10 year old (I know, I know) MacBook Pro running High Sierra 10.13.6. My trackpad is shot (something stuck under it) so I use a Logitech USB wireless mouse - works great everywhere outside of Sims 4 apparently. All buttons work, battery life is good.


Played for a while this morning with this setup, no issues. Exited the game and came back in a couple hours later, and the right click and scroll wheel result in no response within Sims 4. I get response from these mouse buttons in Origin, Safari, Finder, everywhere else. Result is that I can’t right click to rotate the camera or scroll to zoom in and out. I can left click just fine in the game. Tried a test: My trackpad just can’t fully “click”, but it is responsive to touch so I tried zooming in and out with a two-finger scroll gesture - again, no camera response to this. Right click won’t work in game from the trackpad even when I force it, but the left click will. So it’s not the mouse, it’s that Sims 4 doesn’t recognize a right click or scrolling gesture. 


So far I have: 

-Repaired the game and all EPs, restarted computer without mouse dongle plugged in, then returned the mouse dongle and opened game. No luck. 

-Deleted game cache, restarted computer without the mouse plugged in again, etc. No luck. 

-Installed security updates to my mac. No luck. 

-Installed Logitech control utility to re-set up the mouse (I mean, no setup was needed... works great everywhere else, but you know, being thorough). No luck. 

-Reset to Sims 3 camera, then back to Sims 4 camera, then returned to live mode. No luck. 

-Removed everything from household inventory, returned to live mode. No luck. 

-Manage worlds and then returned to live mode. No luck. 

-Used windowed mode vs. full screen mode. No luck. When I’m in windowed mode, I can right click on my desktop right next to the game window. Can’t right click in the game. 


So what else can I possibly try? All this started after I finished the Strangeville Hero aspiration but also I had exited the game and come back before the glitch began. 


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Re: Right click and scroll not working - Strangerville, Mac OS X 10.13.6

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Amazingly, I tried literally all these steps again and it works now. I could cry. Took me hours. So, solved. Somehow. 

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Re: Right click and scroll not working - Strangerville, Mac OS X 10.13.6

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Fun update: This issue has started all over again today. Shocked Anyone else experienced this? 

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Re: MAC Sims 4 Trackpad Issue

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I’m having this issue as well but with an external USB mouse and not the built in trackpad, but I can’t right click with either. Any luck figuring out the fix?

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Re: MAC Sims 4 Trackpad Issue


Could you set up a new user account on your Mac and play a new game in that account to see if the problem persists.

Using CC/Mods is at your own risk, EA are not responsible for making the game compatible with 3rd party content, the creator is. 

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