[READ FIRST] Origin Troubleshooting and Information

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[READ FIRST] Origin Troubleshooting and Information

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Looking for Mac help to get you back into the game? Then you are in the right place! 


We have several guides available for Origin and related games. Just click on one of the links below that describes the problem that you are experiencing:


Feel free to create a new thread if you still need further help. But make sure that you detail the problem that you're experiencing and which steps you've already tried. Lastly, make sure to add your system specifications for crashing and freezing related issues.

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Re: [MAC] Troubleshooting and Information

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This section details what to do when you are experiencing issues with your connection or download.


The first step when dealing with connectivity issues is to reset your router by temporarily unplugging it from the power socket. Afterwards, switch from using wi-fi to a wired connection.


Continue to the below steps if your issue persists:


  • Safe Mode Downloading
    You can turn on this function via the Origin Client Menu > Application settings > Diagnostics to increase the reliability of your download. Do note that you might experience reduced download speeds when using this option.
  • Reset Origin
    Reset Origin to its default status to resolve connectivity and download issues caused by Origin settings.

  • Verify Gatekeeper Settings
    Gatekeeper helps protect your Mac from programs that could adversely affect it. In order for Origin and EA games to work on your system you need to set Gatekeeper to accept applications from identified developers.

  • Flush DNS Cache
    Your system might have stored outdated server information which could prevent you from connecting to Origin or related games. Flush the DNS Cache to get rid of this outdated information.

  • Disable Proxy Settings
    Origin and related games don't support a Proxy. If you have Proxy settings enabled on your system then you need to disable them to download or connect to our games. Note: make sure that no protocols are checked in the Proxies menu.
  • Check your internet speed
    Games are big downloads. Slower download speeds means that the game could take hours to download. Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) throttle a user's download speed if they are downloading a large file so check whether this is the case with your ISP. 
  • Disable Internet Firewall
    If you are unable to connect with Origin or related game servers then you can temporarily disable the Firewall to see if its settings are the cause of the connection issues.

  • Reset Mac Host Files
    Host Files can be configured to speed up internet access. It can however also prevent internet access for programs like Origin. Reset the Host File to its default status to resolve such issues. 

  • Create a New User
    Certain system can cause connectivity issues. Create a new user account to restore these settings to default status.
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Re: [MAC] Troubleshooting and Information

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This section details how you can resolve crashing and freezing issues with the Origin Client and related games.


  • Reset Origin
    Run the Reset Origin tool to set Origin back to its default status. This helps resolve issues when Origin immediately crashes when you launch it.

  • Create a new user
    This helps resolve errors with installation and launch issues of your games.

  • Verify and repair your Mac disk permissions (only available in OS X Yosemite 10.10 and previous versions)
    Use this step if your system has trouble reading game files or you're experiencing slow game performance, shutdowns or crashes.

  • Resetting NVRAM and SMC 
    Use these steps when you are experiencing issues with speaker volume, screen resolution, startup disk selection or warning messages about spontaneous system restarts.

  • Set graphics performance 
    Use this step to make sure that your system is using the correct graphics processor to run games.

  • Safe Mode 
    Start your system in Safe Mode if fails to start normally.


Testing the hardware of your system


Should you still experience issues after having tried our main troubleshooting steps then you are possibly looking at a hardware issue. Depending on when your system was released, there are two methods to test this:


If these tests have identified issues with your hardware then you can reach out to Apple for further assistance.


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Re: [MAC] Troubleshooting and Information




System Specifications 


Games are designed to require specific hardware to work on any system. These requirements are also referred to as system requirements. To test if your Mac is powerful enough to run the game that you are trying to play you can compare the requirements with your system specifications.


To do this, start by clicking the Apple icon in the top left corner of your desktop and select About This Mac. You should see a window similar to the one below, depending on the version of OS X that you're using:


About This Mac.png


If you are unsure if you meet the requirements then post your system specifications and we will take a look for you.


Discrete Graphics Processor


If you have a higher specification system such as a 15" MacBook Pro it might be equipped with a discrete AMD or NVIDIA graphics card, as well as an integrated Intel graphics processor. You can check this by clicking on System Report and Graphics/Displays in the left side menu. You will then see a video card list on the right: 


15 MBP.png


Internal Storage


Next to meeting the system requirements, Installing a game on your system also requires a specific amount of available space on your internal storage. It is important that you check how much available space is available on your system. Click on the Storage tab to see a breakdown of space used.

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