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Problems installing Sims3Packs (TS3 64-bit)

by puzzlezaddict

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Re: Problems installing Sims3Packs (TS3 64-bit)

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Hi there, wondering if you have a moment to help me out. I did what you recommended moving The Sims 3 out of the Documents>EA folder to spawn a new launcher, I am able to get the custom content into the downloads section of the launcher however when I hit install nothing happens. I am familiar with .sims3pack files and how to install them but there's no installation window or anything. It's just the CC showing up in the launcher but it doesn't let me install but there's no errors literally nothing happens. 

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Re: Problems installing Sims3Packs (TS3 64-bit)

@divagurl111  Usually when this happens, all that's necessary is to close the launcher and open it again.  I've only ever needed to do so once, but other people have said it can take a couple tries.


The installation window is generally hidden behind the launcher, so you wouldn't see it even if the process did start.  You'll know it's happening when you get a second plumbob in your Dock, and you can click on that to see the window.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Problems installing Sims3Packs (TS3 64-bit)

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Hi there! Just letting you know it started it work AFTER I launched the game and started playing in CAS/the world. Maybe all there needs to be is some data to install it to! Thanks for your help Standard smile 

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