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Re: Please help desperate

by puzzlezaddict

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Please help desperate

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Ok so a while back my cc turned off for some reason and i tried to re install it but instead every time i tried to play a thing popped up and said ignore report and reopen i always hit report but no one has responded and now its happened again and i have to uninstall and log out over and over again until it is fixed so what should i do is there anyway to reinstall my cc because even when it is fixed my cc is still broke i have tied deleting it all clearing space using different cc but nothing has worked someone please help also if it helps this a mac book pro thats from 2012 so how do i fix all of this.

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Re: Please help desperate

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tagging @Bluebellflora since this is a Mac Issue.


@Hollydoodle1234 Your posting will be moved to the Sims Mac forum.

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Re: Please help desperate

@Hollydoodle1234  It's probably time for a fresh game folder.  You can drag your existing TS4 folder out of Documents and onto your desktop and then launch the game again.  A clean folder will spawn with no content.  Try playing for a bit with a new save, and if that works, you can add some cc to the new folder.  Keep testing it out every time you add a few new items, and if any batch throws the error, you'll have narrowed down the source of your problem.  Once you're satisfied that all of your cc is now functioning correctly in your new clean folder, you can move your saves into it from your old folder.


As for reporting the error message you were getting, I believe the information goes to Apple, not EA.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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