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[PARTIAL FIX] Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch

by Bluebellflora

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch

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There is a new game patch today and I think in the notes it was talked about how it was fixed, I'm not home at the moment to see if it was resolved or not in game.
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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch

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I checked the game to see if it has been patched, because i think it said in patch notes, but i've been on the game with it updated....and its still the same Disappointed

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch

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This issue has not been resolved and its been 2 months, it got talked about in todays patch notes, but its not fixed??? It is still the same, so when is this suppose to be actually fixed??? This is an annoying glitch that NEEDS to be fixed, do not talk about in patch notes, but its still not fixed. 

Are me and others suppose to wait another month or so for a new patch? It is honestly annoying me and everyone else who has this issue. 







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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch



Unfortunately it isn't in the patch notes. The CAS issues listed are different, unless I'm missing something? Isn't the whole head/body/clothing affected in your issue?


Asset Issues in Create a Sim
Hey folks, so along the lines of our Create a Stuff Pack program, I’m going to take a moment in this section of issues to provide a little insight into what the issue is, and who on the team might address them, so that you can see a little into how to evaluate an issue.

I’ll start by providing information about what the issue was and what was fixed, and then provide some insight into who would address the issue.

These two issues are considered tagging issues.

  • You can now wear necklaces with yfTop_SP08ShirtButtonOpen.
  • You can now apply a bracelet to your right and left wrist when wearing the level 5 business career outfit yfBody_EF01BusinessSuitMed!
    • Issues like these are fixed by the production team. In both of these cases, an asset was set to restrict the placement of another asset.
    • Production modified the tags, and now these assets no longer restrict placement.

These three issues are considered clipping issues. They generally appear to the player as one asset poking through another asset (and in some cases the character model itself).

  • Fixed a clipping issue with GP01BootFoldover and various pants.
  • ymHair_GP04Slashed will no longer poke through yuHat_GP04Toque.
  • ymShoes_AnkleSquareToe will no longer clip with ymBody_EF04ShirtSkull.
    • These issues are fixed by the art team. And are generally addressed by modifying one of the offending asset’s geometry (moving stuff around), or addressing something like weighting (how an asset lays against other assets).

The highlight issue fixed here, turns out is also a clipping asset issue.

  • Fixed a broken highlight issue that would occur when hovering over yfHair_ShortShave and yfHair_BuzzCutNatural while in Create a Sim.
    • It could be engineering, since highlights are handled by code, however in this case, it was a geometry issue with the hair assets that created the highlight issue.

This is a character layering issue.

  • Female Sims with a masculine frame should no longer have two belly buttons when in Create a Sim.
    • Keeping this short, but Sims have layers (like an Ogre). And if the wrong layer is added to the stack, you get issues like this. This issue is an engineering fix that required a different layer to be used in order to properly create the Sim.

This is a geometry vertex issue.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause some eye presets to stretch the geometry of various hair assets improperly.
    • This issue is addressed by an artist, and in this case was caused by a single vert (the angular point of a polygon) that was being incorrectly shared with a part of the face that caused the hair to stretch.

This is a texture issue.

  • We fixed an issue with a visible seam on the torso of female Sims.
    • This issue is addressed by an artist, and required the artist to modify the texture of the base Sim model. The texture being the paint over that makes a Sim look like a Sim, and not a wire mesh. And the base Sim model being the bare Sim without any assets.

Using CC/Mods is at your own risk, EA are not responsible for making the game compatible with 3rd party content, the creator is. 

The Sims 3 Mac Help Thread - | - The Sims 4 Mac Help Thread -
- The Sims 3 Mac super patch 1.67 - | - Origin Reset Tool for Mac -
- I am not affiliated with EA in anyway -
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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch

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The head, the body, and the clothes are affected. Even without clothes there body is still getting affected. So it must be the body that is the issue. Its sad that they fix things in CAS, but not this problem that has been happening for months. When is it going to get fixed?

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch

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I completely agree, even though it's not a game ruining error, it is still extremely frustrating

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch

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uggh this is starting to get really frustrating ! i just want to make another sim :/ i hope this bug is fixed when parenthood comes out


UPDATE: I managed to struggle through create a sim by using a mouse and using the wheel button to rotate the camera, still really annoying and hard to work with, but I managed hahhaa

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch

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Guess what!?!!? Another patch update and guess what wasn't fixed??? The CAS glitch. This has been happening since march and clearly NO ONE cares. Can someone fix this???????? It's starting to * me off so much and I know others are also mad about this glitch. Get it fixed or at least do something.
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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch

EA Sims Team

Hello @iimlana @anobraln @themsprincesslun @MLPFairytail @13Vader @letterrow @JennieMee @Dorapirata


Are you still seeing this issue after upgrading to Sierra 10.12.5?

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Sims 4 CAS cursor glitch

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Hi, @SimQARobo. I've just updated to 10.12.5 and CAS seems to work fine again.Party hat

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