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Re: sims 4 cas cursor glitch

by Bunny_Girl246

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sims 4 cas cursor glitch

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Hi, I just updated my mac book air from MacOs Sierra to MacOs High Sierra, and in CAS the cursor is glitches a lot. I know its happened before but now its happening to me and I have tried everything but unfortunately nothing works. thank you for the help

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Re: sims 4 cas cursor glitch



I've moved your post to this thread on the issue (more info in the opening post on page 1).


It would be helpful to know which exact Mac you have please Standard smile Instructions on what to provide here -

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Re: sims 4 cas cursor glitch

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I heard you guys needed this info as well


=== Graphics device info ===
Number: 0
Name (driver): Intel HD Graphics 6000
Name (database): Intel (R) Iris Graphics 6000 [Found: 1, Supported: 1]
Vendor: Intel
Chipset: Vendor: 8086, Device: 1626, Board: 0000011b, Chipset: 0009
Driver: Intel(R) HD Graphics 6000, Version:
Driver version: 34
Monitor: 00000000
Texture memory: 3072MB

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Re: sims 4 cas cursor glitch

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Not only is my CAS glitchy but now I have the pinch to zoom and rotate glitch which is making regular gameplay literally not playable. EA appears to be in no rush to fix either glitch so my CAS is broken and my regular gameplay is broken. I guess this will be the last of the sims game I play. What a waste of my money!


It's a shame us Mac players don't get the same experiences as others. I hope EA learns that if they can't fix an existing bug, they should just let those affected by the bug know that it cannot be fixed, and I hope they FIX COMMUNICATION. Please, we just want to be updated!

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Re: sims 4 cas cursor glitch

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Same thing happened to me right around July and it still hasn't been fixed Frown I was having so much fun playing and then one day it randomly happened and I don't know how to repair it. Have you had any luck since July?

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