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My sims 4 on mac isn´t starting up! help!

by Ebbaberner

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My sims 4 on mac isn´t starting up! help!

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So i have had my sims 4 on my macbook air for almost 3 years and it has been working out great until i bought the "jungle adventures" pack! 
The night i bought it i could play as usual but the next day when i try to start my game, my screen became all black and 30 sec later it return to my home 

screen and when i do a right click over my sims 4 "app" it says that "the game isn't answering" so i try again and again but it won't work. 

So i have reset my origin, reinstall the sims 4, deleted the file "downloadCheche", and repair my came so many times but nothing seems to work 
and my game won't start! 

I really need help i don't now what is wrong its been like this fore the past 3/4 months! 
so please if you have had this same problem with your sims 4 on a macbook air/pro help me to fix my game!! 🙏🏻

** i have no cc ** ** i have not download the sims 4 season** 

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Re: My sims 4 on mac isn´t starting up! help!

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Tagging @Bluebellflora since this is a Mac issue.


@Ebbaberner Your posting will be moved to the Sims Mac forum.

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Re: My sims 4 on mac isn´t starting up! help!

@Ebbaberner  It might help to run the Origin reset tool again, and then disable Origin in-game.  The other thing to try is to drag your entire TS4 game folder out of Documents and onto your desktop.  When you launch the game again, a clean folder will spawn with no content.  If you can load and play a new save in this folder, you can move your existing content into it from the old folder.  Any file that makes your game crash or fail to load again is probably corrupt and should be trashed.


If neither of these approaches works, please provide your computer's specs, along with which other packs you're running.


gather mac specs:


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