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Missing .dbc files and can't download content in launcher

by simsmnga146

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Missing .dbc files and can't download content in launcher

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I have a problem currently where when I try to download sims 3 content in the launcher whether it's from the sim store or wherever the downloading screen doesn't come up and the content doesn't pop up in "downloads", so after some brief research I found that the possible reason for that could be corrupted files so I was pointed toward going into dccache and the only file in there is dcdbt.ebc which I'm not sure if that's an issue I assume it is. Anyways, how could I get these files back and if that's not the issue how do I fix not being able to install content.

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Re: Missing .dbc files and can't download content in launcher

@simsmnga146  I've moved your post to the Sims 3 Mac section.


Do you have any store or custom content already installed in your game?  If so, you may have multiple game folders, and you're looking at the one that TS3 isn't using.  A common spot for a second folder to appear is your iCloud drive.  If you do see a folder there, drag it to your desktop for safekeeping, and check DCCache and Saves to see whether any of your content landed there.


The way TS3 works, your its game folder needs to be in the Documents folder on your hard drive, not in cloud storage.  To keep things from getting confusing, and to make sure your game folder stays where it should, it's best to either disable iCloud storage entirely (you can turn it on when you want to transfer files), or at the very least, disable automatic uploads.  Here are instructions, along with screenshots:


For the downloading issue, the store can be finicky on a Mac.  There are a few steps you can try to get the downloads working:

  • Open the launcher before you try to download
  • Clear your browser cache, and if using Safari, clear Preferences as well
  • Use a different browser—Firefox generally works well on my Mac
  • Download no more than six items at a time, or one at a time if it's a large file

If these steps don't help, drag your TS3 game folder out of Documents\Electronic Arts and onto your desktop (or somewhere else, if you already have a backup folder on your desktop), open the launcher to spawn a new folder, and try again.  Once you've downloaded and installed the content into the new folder, you can copy the Saves and Library folders from your old game folder to your new one, as well as anything else you'd like to keep.


And please feel free to ask for more clarification on any of these steps.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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