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Game isnt working/loading

by knh7805

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Game isnt working/loading

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Ok so i have a lot of custom content (2000+) and ive noticed when i try to open the game, it stays on the opening "Sims 4" screen after it says "EA and Maxis" and then i get the pinwheel ball thing of death (I own a mac). It takes overnight to load and ive tried taking everything out of my mods folder (besides the resource thing) and nothing works. Help??

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Re: Game isnt working/loading

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Hi @knh7805 I use 1000's of cc & mods, but keep them updated regularly, and set them up in different folders to sort when an issue arises such as Sims Game Update or adding a pack. (note, my game loads in a couple of minutes) @Bluebellflora  Edit: Apologies, misread you'd taken the mods out..  Will tag someone for you as well 


In the meantime, and they will get back to you when they can: try checking the posts on new requirements based on your packs and so on. For example: The Cats and Dogs pack was quite a large expansion, and proved to be an issue for quite a lot of people,


  • Apart from culling your folders one by one, or the  50/50 method, to narrow down the broken cc or mod, that is all you can do, (restarting and checking your game each time) you'll simply need to find the broken mod/cc it and remove it.. ie: Not all cc and mod makers update their content, as the Sims has undergone many updates and new packs that some of the cc/mods will simply not cope with.
  • Mods & cc are well known to cause various in-game issues: please check for updates to them / where you found them; do this also > after any sims update or adding a game pack,
  • I use Sims 4 Studio for batch fixes it solves a lot of problems in bulk (but not all.) It's also available for Mac.
  • Dimitry's Mod Conflict Detector at mod the sims is good too, (but only for Windows not Mac - so if you have access to one, you could copy your Mods folder and check them that way) as you may have accidentally downloaded some Sims 3 / 2 items is not always going to be an obvious thing.. (if you haven't yet even tried to 'use' a cc in the game)  It will detect duplicates and 'wrong game' cc.. and sorts it via highlighting in bright colors.


Hope this helps, Let me know if you still have problems.



nb: If this solves your question, please mark the reply as having been the solution, so as to help others with a similar problem in the future.Standard smile


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Re: Game isnt working/loading


Move out the actual Mods folder to your desktop, repair the game, then try to load it again without your CC.

Using CC/Mods is at your own risk, EA are not responsible for making the game compatible with 3rd party content, the creator is. 

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