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Gallery Makes My Game Crash

by ymaria23

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Gallery crash on MAC still happening 2020!!

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I’m at my wits end. Ever since the Star Wars update, I can’t go on the gallery because it just crashes. It’s annoying coz I can’t download any houses or anything from the gallery at all. Is there a solution to stop this from happening? Frown 

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Gallery Makes My Game Crash

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Hello, my game on my Macbook Pro crashes as soon as I click on the gallery button in-game. The spinning rainbow wheel of death comes on instead of my cursor and the game crashes super quickly. I've looked at hundreds of threads and none of the solutions mentioned have worked. I have tried it all. I "repaired" the game in origin, I turned off origin in-game, I moved the mods folder out, deleted the local thumb cache file, deleted my sims 4 folder and lost all my progress, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, uninstalled and reinstalled origin, installed origin from another user on my computer and none of this has worked so far. It's also worth mentioning that I've repeated each of these steps multiple times. I've had this problem on and off for about a year and it sucks because I love using other people's awesome builds from the gallery. I've also tried the online gallery and I couldn't get that to work either. What is wrong and how can I fix it. I attached my computer specs if that helps.

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My gallery

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My gallery is crashing every time I try to open the gallery.  I'm using a Mac Book Pro(2015).  I can play the game just fine but it still crashes one I press to go onto the gallery.  It will open it then load and the crashes my game.  I have tried everything uninstalling, deleting localthumb file, and repaired my game.  I have no idea what else to do.

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