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Extremely long loading times

by BMan7105

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Extremely long loading times

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For whatever reason, in the last few days, The Sims 4 has taken extremely long to load. While typically the game takes about 30 seconds max to load the main menu, it is now taking four times that or more. I'm also not sure whether or not the game is taking even longer to load the houses or just won't load them at all.


I have tried the following:

1. Removing all mods

2. Using only certain mods

3. Uninstalling the game and reinstalling the game

4. Repairing the game's files

5. "Resetting" the game from scratch and then adding my saves back in


Of these, the most successful was removing all of the mods but even then, it was taking considerably longer to load than it used to. I did not add any mods in between the time that the game was loading normally and now.

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Re: Extremely long loading times


The game was updated last Tuesday 7 April. have you checked all your Mods are compatible with the current patch level?

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Re: Extremely long loading times

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Yes. It seems as though the issue has largely resolved itself. It may have been the fact that the game was loading at max graphical settings. I'm not quite sure. A few of my mods were out of date so thank you for your help!

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