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Re: Dark square shadows under Sims

by BeckyDonadon

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Re: Dark square shadows under Sims

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@Bluebellflora I will retry the SSAO thing and experiment with lighting graphics. My sims' shadows also look like that it's just when they interact sometimes they will expand and glitch back in place, and that was the best screenshot I could get:/ But I'll try these things and see how it goes. Thx in advance!!
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Re: Dark square shadows under Sims

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Hi I know it's been a while. I eventually found the time to play again today, but the shadows were so extremely glitchy and my sims disappeared and reappeared a few times, so I went into my graphics setting and starting changing things to try and fix it. I looked at retina display and read that it can slow some computers down, so I tried turning it off and it froze into a weird screen (there should be a screenshot) I eventually had to force quit the game. I'm just tired at this point, there are just waay too many glitches and bugs that I can barely enjoy my game, and I don't feel like playing anymore. But thank you for your help.

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Re: Dark square shadows under Sims


Have you tried changing the SSAO? Or are you just playing around with the in-game options?

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