Re: Mac: Error with sims 3 "Unknown Error Occurred" (after installing)

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Re: Mac: Error with sims 3 "Unknown Error Occurred" (after installing)

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i am having the same exact issue and its frustrating me. my late night game used to work but now that one is saying unknown error as well as ambitions. the other games I have work fine. I have tried absolutely everything, even restoring my computer to factory settings and still the same thing is happening. I am going to ask for my money back since I can't even play it if this issue is not resolved. 

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Late Night Won't Open

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I recently got a MacBook Pro and I installed Sims 3 base game on Origin, along with generations, supernatural, university life, Pets and seasons and they all work fine. But I also got Late Night and when it was installed I tried to open the launcher and a message popped up saying Unknown Error and it quit the game. I have tried uninstalling and reinsatlling so many times but it hasn't worked. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? 

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Re: (MAC) "Unknown error occurred" -- trying to install Ambitions/Late

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I am also having the exact same problem with just those two packs and nothing else; something must have happened in the last 6 months because I was able to download and install working copies of these same games 6 months ago.  I think that EA (like always), must have updated something in the Origin downloaded that is causing this because the only difference between now when it doesn't work and in April, when it did, is that they updated the Origin launcher.  But exactly the same LN and Ambitions can be uninstalled but do not show up in folder. Have done clean install several times and it still happens.  I've attached a screenshot showing my sims 3 folder with no Late Night and the uninstaller folder showing Late Night.

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Sims 3 game won't open

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I recently reinstalled the Sims 3 on my computer and every time I go to open the game, a message saying "Unknown error occurred" pops up and it won't let me play.  Has anyone had this problem before and fixed it?  I've played the Sims 3 on my Mac before without any trouble so this issue is new to me.



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Re: Mac: Error with sims 3 "Unknown Error Occurred" (after installing)

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Hello, I have been experiencing the same issue you have for days for the same exact game so I can understand how frustrated you are. Luckily, I just found the solution. Bear with me, it might be kind of confusing but i'm going to try and explain this to you as easy as possible. Go to Applications > Sims 3> right click on Sims 3 and hit show package contents. Within Show package contents,  Go to contents> Resources> Add ons. All of your installed expansion packs should show, even the ones not working. Right click under the ones not working for you (So late night or ambitions) Within THAT folder, I want you to right click on Late night/ambitions and again right click and go to Show Package Contents. This time, I want you to go to Content> Resources> Transgaming. Inside Transgaming, open Program Files> Electronic Arts> and within that should be folders for your expansion packs. Copy the WHOLE FOLDER of the game that isn't working (Late Night/Ambitions)


With your copied folder, go back to Applications> Sims 3> Show package contents> Resources> Add ons. Normally, when your launcher opens, its an icon of one of your expansion packs. For me, that is Island Paradise. So, I right clicked on Island Paradise>Show Package contents>Content?Resources>Transgaming>Program Files> Electronic Arts> and you will find yourself at the folders with expansion packs. Notice how Late Night/Ambitions is not there? PASTE the folder you copied into there. Once both Late Night and Ambitions is working, try relaunching the launcher and you should be good to go! I hope I helped!

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Re: Mac: Error with sims 3 "Unknown Error Occurred" (after installing)

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You have no idea how long I have been trying to fix this issue!

I actually reverted to uninstalling Sierra and going back to Mavericks just to play but your fix worked a treat!


Amazing how EA themselves have just given up and said it's incompatible.

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Re: [CURRENT ISSUE]'Unknown Error' issue in Sims 3 in El Capitan/Sierra macOS

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I've moved all your posts to this one. Please try the accepted solution (second post on the first page) to fix your game. Apologies if I have missed out tagging anyone.

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Re: Mac: Error with sims 3 "Unknown Error Occurred" (after installing)

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Jumps up and down... that worked!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u so so so much... Ive been at this for months <3

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Re: Mac: Error with sims 3 "Unknown Error Occurred" (after installing)

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Thank you so much Corey!! This worked for me too! I have the 2016 MacBook Pro with touch bar for reference for other people who might need the fix Standard smile

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Re: Mac: Error with sims 3 "Unknown Error Occurred" (after installing)

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Can you please help me!!! i got a macbook pro from my parents after using my brothers 15 year old windows and i have no idea how to fix it!

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