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CC/Mod Help?

by simplyshiny

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CC/Mod Help?

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(I think this got deleted before, sorry) So I had several mods (MC Command, SOL, Life's Drama) and a fair amount of CC.  Been using it for a while with no issues and nothing new added recently.  I went to marry two of my sims and they just keep resetting every time I try on the wedding arch or just eloping.  I tried first 'repairing' my game from Origin to see if that would work and it didn't- but at that point I still had my CC and mods.  So, I tried removing all of it (just moved it into a folder on my desktop) and got them married, but then when I went to put the mods back- it wasn't recognizing them.   Put everything back in the mods folder.  At first it made 'aliases' and then I moved some stuff around.  Nothing.  So I deleted everything and then re downloaded MCCC and a couple CC but it's STILL not recognizing anything.  I do have Script mods and enable cc and mods checked off, but when I view custom content, nothing is there.  I don't want to have to uninstall because I'm in the middle of a legacy challenge and just recently lost ALL my old saves and don't want to go through that again (I was 56 babies in to the 100 baby challenge Devil). Any ideas?

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