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All CC lost after uninstall

by meganbompadre

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All CC lost after uninstall

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Hi, I desperately need help. I had a decent amount of cc, over 9,000 pieces. I was having some issues with my game getting frozen and not even starting. I had checked all my mods and they were good. I THOUGHT I had backed up my cc to my desktop, but I may not have correctly. I decided to uninstall my game and reinstall. None of my old cc is there now. I have tried several recovery programs and can't find it. 


Is my CC lost forever? There is nothing in my saves folder. 



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Re: All CC lost after uninstall

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@meganbompadre Also I am using a mac.
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Re: All CC lost after uninstall


Uninstalling the game does not touch your Sims 4 folder that contains your saves, Mods etc. If you have iCloud Drive enabled they may have been pushed to the cloud if storage is running low on your Mac? Have a look here, point 6 is relevant to you -

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