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Write Command Doesn't Work PS4

by IdolSoulWriter

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Write Command Doesn't Work PS4

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For some reason my sim can't write a book. At all. Even when I choose the command it doesn't appear in their task queue or anything. Her primary goal in the game is to be a writer. I don't have cheats enabled in the game or anything like that and it's console so I can't have mods. I have to keep rebuilding her house to make it work again. I've tried restarting the game, closing out and playing another sim for a bit and coming back, doesn't work. The only thing that seems to work is rebuilding her house entirely and putting a new computer there. Is there any way to fix this because it's annoying when you are trying to have a sim with the writer aspiration. 

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Re: Write Command Doesn't Work PS4

@IdolSoulWriter  There is a bug report here you can add to if the issue is the same. Click me too and say you are on console. I believe the workaround is to put the computer into the household inventory and pull it back out again.

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