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TS4 Console LAG Issues

by DJ_Strage

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TS4 Console LAG Issues

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I'm asking Help to EA for this problem that is afflicting all Console players of The Sims 4, I'm talking about the FPS getting freeze, or when a Sim takes several minutes for do any action.. It's not a Problem of the consoles..  But a issue of the game itself, i got lot of DLCs, spent a lot of money, but i can't enjoy them fully!! Because when i try to play on bigger lots or when there are too many objects, the game starts lagging, a Sim takes ages even for scroll his "To Do" Chain on the left of screen, then before doing a action, takes soo much for it.. It turned very very VERY frustrating.. And doesn't worth all the money i spent so far, we want that EA does something, because i don't think that they cannot Fix that through a Patch.. EA is literally ignoring this, probably they don't even know about the issue at all..  So please EA, we're begging you... FIX LAG ISSUES ON THE SIMS 4 CONSOLE PLS. 

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Re: TS4 Console LAG Issues

@DJ_Strage  A help thread is here FAQ - Sims 4 Console Autonomy and Simulation Lag that covers your issues.


EA is aware of this issue, there is a link in the above post on submitting your save to the bug team if you are on PS4. I encourage you to read through the above link, and send your save to the team if you are a PS4 user.

I don't work for EA. I'm a player helping other players.
Sims 4 Console FAQ | Sims 4 Console Patch Notes
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Re: TS4 Console LAG Issues

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just a couple of notes on the console:


  • I have been playing an 8 members household living on a 30x40 5 floors + garden lot. The game quickly became super laggy and playing was very impossible. I wanted to create super cool and detailed houses but, let's be honest, I wasn't really using the photography studio or the scientific lab at all, and most of the rooms, half of them each, were just meant to show off how nice it was.
    • You don't really need anything that big. I now create a 2 floors 25*16 house. I have spece for everything. I can play with 6 people without any problem and celerbate a wedding with 12 invited ppl.
    • Worst case scenario, you can lower the resolution to 720. That sucks at first, but it helps a lot.
  • Disconnect from the Internet. You do not need it anyway. It significantly improves quality of life on the console.
  • Free the cache when you launch the game. On the PS4 that means holding L1+R1 while the game is loading.
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