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Sims 4 specific save is laggy

by thechefbigdog69

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Sims 4 specific save is laggy

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I’ve been playing this one family for a long time and since eco living came out that save has been really laggy but it’s not laggy on any other save it’s specifically that save I’ve deleted a lot of stuff their inventory (I don’t let them die it’s literally just 2 sims) they both know a ton of people because one of them is doing the 100 baby challenge so they have like 90 something children idk if that’s an issue I’ve deleted everything from the family inventory and it’s only their save that is laggy I have another save with 5 sims In it and I huge house and I have 0 lag with that save what can I do?

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Re: Sims 4 specific save is laggy

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@thechefbigdog69 If you have NPC voting on for ECO living, it's possible you have sims with stacks, and stacks of clay and future cubes in their inventories from NAPs. I just had to go through and load every household, repeal all the active NAPs in the game and delete all the clay and cubes from the sims inventories. I also deleted all the townies that were in the "Other Households" tab and let the game generate new ones without the NAPs enacted. My game was better after that. No NAPs are enacted in my game and no more future cubes and clay.

An old bug did exist that if your sim knew too many people there was lag when opening the relationship panel. If that's what you are seeing you can report that in the bug forum.

Finally, you can submit your laggy save to the bug team if you are on PS4. Details for that are here - FAQ - Sims 4 Console Autonomy and Simulation Lag

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