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Re: Sims 4 ERROR CE-34878-0?

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Have you already found a way to fix this? Because I have the same problem too and I don’t know what to do

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Re: Sims 4 ERROR CE-34878-0?

EA Sims Team

Hi there!

The error is a PS4 error to say that the software crashed.


Below are some ideas on how to fix the problem


Restart your console:

  • Turn off your console and then turn it back on.

Make sure your game software is up to date:

  • Go to the PlayStation home screen. 
  • Highlight the game you're playing and press the Options button on your controller.
  • Select "Check For Update" and install any updates that are available.

Make sure your PS4's system software has the most recent update:

  • Select Settings at the top of the PlayStation home screen.
  • Choose "System Software Update" and allow any system updates to install.
  • Reboot your PlayStation 4.

Clear your PS4's cache:

  • The PlayStation 4 doesn't actually have a cache to clear. That said: It never hurts to power down/power up your console if you're encountering performance issues in the console. 

    1. Press and hold the PlayStation button on your controller. 
    2. Select "Turn Off PS4". 
    3. Let the PlayStation 4 to fully power down and wait for 10 to 20 seconds.
    4. Restart the PlayStation 4.

 Uninstall/reinstall your game: 

  • So you're still having problems? OK, you may want to think about uninstalling/reinstalling the game experiencing the error. 
    • Before you do this, upload your save game to the cloud (or to a USB storage device). That way you won't lose your progress and have to start over once you've reinstalled.
    • OK, once you're ready to uninstall your game data from the console, follow this guide SCEA put together over at their official site.

Reinstall the original hard drive:

  • This is only if you have upgraded your PS4's hard drive (read: replaced it with a larger one). Sony suggests re-installing the original hard drive that came with the console. 

If none of these steps have helped, you should reach out to PlayStation Support.

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Re: Sims 4 ERROR CE-34878-0?

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Has there been any development on this issue since May 2019? I can see from the forums that this isn't new or isolated and that most people (myself included) have followed your troubleshooting instructions and it hasn't eliminated the frequent occurrence of this error message. Indeed, I've personally even purchased an entirely new playstation in an attempt to resolve this issue, with no success. We understand that the error code is a PS4 error but as your loyal and heavily invested customers we still expect you to either identify and fix the problem with your software internally, or work with Sony to resolve the issue. To that end, I would simply like to know if EA is actively looking into this and if your company knows when a patch will be released to resolve this issue.

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Re: Sims 4 ERROR CE-34878-0?

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EA Sims Team

Hi there!




The PS4 "ERROR CE-34878-0" code is a general error indicating that the game you are currently playing has crashed. For us to investigate the issue we would need more information what you were doing when the crash occurred with best steps to reproduce the issue. Since there are numerous ways games can crash there is not just one patch that fixes that specific error code directly.


Below is a link to our community bug report that you can submit that has information on how to submit a bug for us to investigate with information on how to provide videos and save files.


Also, if you do come across a crash issue on PS4 when you get the option of sending a crash report please add a description (ie: BUILD MODE) that we can identify your specific crash. Please add that information to the bug report as well.




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Re: Sims 4 ERROR CE-34878-0?

Community Manager

Hi folks, 


I'll lock this thread here to limit necroposting. Please check out the thread: [PS4] Game crashing after December update as it's a more current thread with more relevant, up-to-date advice and troubleshooting.







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