Sim 4 is broke loaded with bug sence the new patch and pack

by mythicxTMPS

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Sim 4 is broke loaded with bug sence the new patch and pack

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Is anyone having problems with the save error where it's saying this game can't be saved error code.and after fast traveling to the other worlds in Hanford and once you come back their no action on the stove fridge or any thing that has action to it.and freezing and lagging in game play and editing sim and house inventory.and in edit a sim where once you change the hair you get like black around the eyes.even after feeding the animal. You see a circle around the food with a Lind through it I'm on the ps 4 with all these bug it force me to restart. And the sim freezing when asked to do they drop what you say and do something else like you ask the to clean the animal they drop the comand and and play music on the guitar or the organ and sometimes it loses sound and goes silent even know they are playing the guitar. Ea please fix the bugs it annoying.  With all the lags and bugs it going on pass 3 year I have reported to you over and over and the ps 4 sim 4 is still broke even with your new patches I have tried everything to correct it I even uninstalled and put it back in I also started a new game and rebuilding the data but it still broke

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