Save file is there but won’t restore to game (no error)

by emilyjane19

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Save file is there but won’t restore to game (no error)

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One specific save will not restore to sims game.
Yesterday my game froze and my last save was an
hour and a half prior. Id done a lot in that hour, so I
went and bought ps plus to retrieve the game
data I lost when it froze. (I'm on ps5) there were 4
saves, the one I wanted, 2 from earlier in the day
and 2 from April. I tried restoring the most recent
one and it wouldn't restore, it kept restoring the
ones from earlier in the day. I deleted the two
saves from earlier in the day, and stupidly didn't
save them in the cloud so now I lost all my
progress and it shot me back to April 19th and I've
done so much damn work since then. I didn’t delete the newest file that I wanted, it’s still there, it just won’t restore.


 I'm now wishing I had just gone back to the save from an hour because losing an hour is better than over a week of progress)
I bought ps plus, and the save file I want is literally
in there and will not restore to the game ( the
other two save files restore fine but they are from
April! I don't know why this one won't restore and
I'm sick thinking of everything I lost. Especially
When the save file is actually available, it just
won't work. When I delete the saves from April
from console storage and just leave the most
recent one, I open the game and the only option is
to start new. So clearly this newest file is corrupt
or something. Please tell me there's a way to fix

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