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Playstation 4 loading times too slow

by Tigerrun777

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Playstation 4 loading times too slow

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When starting up the game it takes forever to load. I know there is a lot of stuff to load but it should be a lot faster than this we are playing on playstation 4 consoles not the old playstation 2 games they were slow as these loading times. Since the latest update our game is slower now. please fix loading times in next update.

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Re: Playstation 4 loading times too slow

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I think this is unfortunately something that is going to happen more often as more stuff are added into the game. Additionally, a lot of factors just play into the loading time—how old your PS4 is (the processors are different with the VR versions), how many DLCs you possess, etc. The game is port from PC and unlike PC, you can't really give your PS4 much of an upgrade to fix these issues.


I think the best they can do is, try to reduce the amount of load times needed. In order to do so, they need to trim the unnecessary things on the main menu. I wouldn't mind if they got rid of the background if it meant speeding up load times for me to launch a game. Usually the launch time of a game takes longest, but that's because it needs to load the world and contents of that save. You would think that would be reduced if it took as long to start up the game. What is it processing then? The save files? Why can't it just be simplified and just focus the load speed to a single file at a time? It's not like you're jumping around multiple saves at once. Each time, you're forced to go back to the main menu to select if you do.

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