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[PS4] Vampires Game Pack Bugs

by MLPFiMfangirl23

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[PS4] Vampires Game Pack Bugs

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1. Vampires will not earn points 1 level past Grand Master as after that first level past Grand Master the bar will fill but not reset and grant the additional points. Curing vamprism and then being turned back into a vampire does not fix the issue as rank, perks and weaknesses are retained when they should be reset upon being turned again.


2. The Draught of Reconfiguration (the drink to reset vampire perks/weaknesses) does not work properly as trying to pick multistage perks/weaknesses you had previously (for example- trying to pick Sun Resistance) will result in only being able to pick the first level of that perk/weakness with it essentially becoming locked and preventing the player from picking the next level of it despite the fact that they have enough points to do so.


3. A sound glitch in Forgotten Hollow, when time is sped up, audio becomes distorted with a buzzing noise that only stops when time is slowed down to normal speed. No other maps appear to have this problem.


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