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Idk why this won’t fix

by FoxyBingo006

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Idk why this won’t fix

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In TS4 (Xboxone) my dog seems to have swamp mouth, smelly fur, and... fleas?! but i can’t fix him. i’ve brought him to a vet and all they do is a checkup they say he’s fine and idk how to fix him. i’ve also tried wellness treats but nothing seems to work. Frown please help. 

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Re: Idk why this won’t fix

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I had this bug too once, with both cats of the same household barfing all over the place without being sick (neither vet nor wellness treat helped), but I don't remember what fixed it.

Have you tried rotating to another household and then come back to the one with that dog?

I am not sure if it fixes that but maybe give it a try if you haven't.


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Re: Idk why this won’t fix

@FoxyBingo006 A bug report for pet illness is here Cured animals keep visual symptoms for a while. If this matches what you are seeing please let me know.

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