FAQ - Sims 4 Console Cheats

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FAQ - Sims 4 Console Cheats

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Please read through Controls for Sims 4 on Console for the full list of controls, including how to open the cheat panel and which key combinations to use, along with some frequently used cheat controls.


There's a guide here on the full list of cheats available. Not all cheats are available to console usershttps://www.carls-sims-4-guide.com/cheats.php


Cheats that previously worked may not work anymore Cheats won't work


Cheat Controls, and Cheat Codes will not be covered here. Please read the links above.

Useful Info

Cheats disable Achievements and Trophies. The exception is bb.showliveeditobjects (reference) and bb.moveobjects (reference) (There may be others but those are the only ones I have seen officially commented on).


Most Cheats must be entered in Live Mode.


Some cheats do not require testingcheats to be on. If you are having trouble, try turning testingcheats off and then enter the cheat again. Make sure you are typing the cheat in the cheat box and not in the "search" box. The search box has a character limit.


Some build cheats require a blank search for the hidden and debug objects to appear. "Open the Search panel in Build/Buy and press RT (Xbox One) / R2 (PlayStation 4) to apply a blank search." (Patch Notes Here) then scroll to the bottom of the items for all the hidden/debug/live edit objects.


Debug items you can also apply a blank search after entering the hidden objects cheat, then open the sort RT (Xbox One) / R2 (PlayStation 4), select Content>Unknown. You can also do a search by item in the search box.


Common Issues

Why isn't bb.showliveeditobjects working? BB.Showliveeditobjects not working


Debug items aren't appearing! Debug Cheat Not Working


My mood/need cheat stopped working! Mood and Need cheats not working


Pregnancy Cheats aren't working! Pregnancy cheats not working


I can't get Occult cheats to work! Adding and Removing occult Traits


bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement is too long for the text box! Unlock all items Text box limit


How do I enable the advanced roof controls? How to Select Curve Advance Options on Roof


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