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Expansion Pack on Xbox 1

by camerm1

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Expansion Pack on Xbox 1

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Hi how do I get the expansion pack I paid for on Xbox one to show up in the game? My daughter is young and she plays it. She asked for the pets and I bought it and installed it but it’s not showing up in the game. We uninstalled both and restarted. Still not there. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Expansion Pack on Xbox 1

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@camerm1 Are there any other troubleshooting steps you have tried? Like powering down your console completely (not rest mode)? Press and hold the XBox button on the console until it shuts down. Wait 10 seconds and then power the console back on. Hopefully this fixes things and your packs will appear properly in your game.


Btw- I think your daughter is going to LOVE Cats and Dogs, it's one of my favorite packs :D



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Re: Expansion Pack on Xbox 1

@camerm1 Moving this to the console forum.

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Re: Expansion Pack on Xbox 1


@camerm1 There's a thread here that may help

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