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by Madeline12989

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Re: Crashing

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Thanks for the update, @Shadowfax1004.


Let's see if we can dig a bit deeper. Since you're a PlayStation 4 user, would you be able to do help us out with sending us your main save? We can send it over to the team to take a look.


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Re: Crashing

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The Sims 4 on my ps4 is stuck on the loading screen. 

I've tried closing it, uninstalling and reinstalling it, and turning off the ps4 and it still does it.

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Re: Crashing

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Hey there, @rebeccabec35.


Did you get an opportunity to try some of the PlayStation 4 troubleshooting I posted earlier? It can help, and I'd like to see if we can narrow down why it's freezing for you.


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Re: Crashing

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Well, I fixed it alright lol Disappointed


Sorry I was busy for few days and didn't have a USB I could copy the save on.


First of all, thank you for helping @EA_Arrenai .



As you may have noticed online quite a few of us on consoles have these issues so hopefully this will help us. So here goes explanation and a save folder with files.



As mentioned before, I'm on PS4 Pro. Have all the bugs everyone else is having atm and same crashing issues so I did some research too (more on that later). I own all the stuff packs, game packs and expansion packs and am using them daily. Crashing started after installing Island living and an update that came on same day (July 16th). I have 3TB of games and no issues whatsoever in any of them until this (most of my games are on extended storage so there is 400+ GB of free space on my console). 


Things I tried: Power cycling console (multiple times), made sure my system and game have latest updates, rebuilding database, restarting game and console daily.


Now a little note on that database rebuild: It did help. It's crashing less in sense I can actually leave my sims lot and go to events, venues, festivals, work etc. BUT it still crashes. Totally random too. It can be anything (just crashing during gameplay, during saving, clicking on manage worlds, clicking on closet to plan outfits etc). So what I am doing atm is I am trying to save as often as I can, especially before travel, work, or during building.


Also please note that this is my most recent main save file. I started it in July before Island living came out to start collecting trophies (at 79% now, if this doesn't get fixed I won"t be able to get legacy ones without cheating). I have 22 out of 80 sims and plan on reducing it very soon. Anyway, that means I have no mods, no cc, and no cheats whatsoever except trait cheats and build cheats (and while we're on that, things placed with bb.moveobjects on started disappearing from lots and appearing in household inventory). On top of crashing there is also a new glitch with sim getting stuck in bed or tent after woohoo if you give them another task for after like taking a shower. I can send a pic from phone, very creepy (have to move bed or tent in build mode for them to get up).


My save file I had since Oct last year completely disappeared after updates and all those Library additions. Which brings me to another issue, today I tried fixing it by deleting households I didn't want manually. One family from Oct game is still there with a red x over it and says file is corrupted and asking do I want to remove it, I ofc did. It came back after restart. So you'll see that file in my library but it's brand new issue and had nothing to do with game crashing previously. PS Please don't tell me I'll have to reinstall everything now Raised eyebrow


AND today I had a major breakdown with a game, crashing but not only crashing 3 times, but going full black screen and turning of my 4K tv and prompting an error on it too. That SHOULD not be happening. It's one thing spending 500-1000 on games I want to play but I do not want my tv broken in a process (which is the main reason I switched to playing on console instead of pc I need for work).



So here's my little research for anyone interested. On July 16th my console updated and restarted automatically, after which I downloaded Island living and a Sims 4 update. Maybe there was compatibility issue with console and game update, dunno. Since then within a last month I added Moschino, Fitness, Get Famous, Seasons and Get together (again within Sep and Aug).


Now check this out (from my PS4 error log):


- Got Sims on console in Oct (among other games)

- No crashes or issues in any game EA or otherwise

- 1/1/2019 Dragon age crash

-2/20/2019 Sims 4 crash

-3/5/2019 Sims 4

-7/16/2019 Sims

-7/25/2019 Sims

-1/8/2019 Sims

-8/4/2019 Sims

-8/6/2019 Sims

-8/18/2019 Sims

-8/25/2019 Sims

-8/27/2019 Sims

-8/28/2019 Sims

- There is not enough free space to start the application, please delete or move some applications (?? there was) = save file disappeared

-8/30/2019 Sims

-8/31/2019 Sims

-9/2/2019 Sims

-9/6/2019 Sims

-9/9/2019 Sims

-10/10/2019 Sims x 2

-9/13/2019 Sims

-9/18/2019 Sims

-9/20/2019 Sims

-9/22/2019 Sims

-9/23/2019 Sims

-9/24/2019 Sims

-9/25/2019 Sims x3

-and many more in between that I couldn't even report because it would black screen me, these are reported with explanations




No other game or app crashed in meantime. I can't believe it's up to my console then.


I know this is a very long post but please pass it along to people who can help us, if you have other questions I'll be happy to help.



Here's the link to my save folder









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Re: Crashing

Community Manager

Sul sul, @Shadowfax1004


Thanks for the save information! I sent it over to the team. I can't guarantee a direct reply on it, but it should help a lot with trying to nail down what is going on. We really appreciate it.


Arrenai Cat

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Re: Crashing

[ Edited ]
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@EA_ArrenaiYou’re welcome, fingers crossed.

I can start a new topic or you can just tell the team all sorts of build/buy mode issues started few days ago.

As I mentioned, objects placed with bb.moveobjects going into household inventory, then for example putting a resized plant on coffee table then moving the table snaps plant back to original size, and one I just noticed today while rebuilding Stargazer lounge - save and manage worlds options get grayed out, says I can’t save because the lot didn’t have all required items (worked fine before). And in live mode, sims left at home get all red when main sim is away (not taking care of themselves).

Anyway, good luck guys hope you can figure this all out and files help you out. Just please let me know if I need to reinstall everything because I got that file corrupted. Kinda don’t want to play atm because I’m worried I’ll lose it all again but oh well.

Have a great day Standard smile

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Re: Crashing

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Did you figure it out? It’s hard to play . Yet they keep coming out with more packs. I have all except two super frustrating 

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Re: Crashing

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Mine is also crashing, I own all but 3 packs on console. I cant travel anymore without it crashing 

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