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Another new problem just since patch 1.71. The terrain tool was one of the biggest casualties of the changes. Now if I use the eraser tool and switch to the paint tool...the sizing options are greyed out. Sizing is a problem anyway because as I've already reported it blurs when it's on max size setting. I can use the lower settings but if I've used the eraser, I have to go back to the eraser to increase the size, then go back to paint. It wouldn't let me increase the size on the paint setting. Sometimes it swipes to paint now but sometimes it doesn't. It wasn't swiping at all but now it's random.

I'm building in shorter stints. Just a couple of hours then stopping and taking long breaks from it as it's something I love to do but it's just resulting in pain in my hands and aggravating a chronic pain condition and building from the top down is just nausea inducing, I keep instinctively switching to that because of the menu. Especially if you are editing small rooms like hallways as build mode is so dark now, lights go off when you return to a build or edit a current lot. I have to switch all the lights on to enter build mode but can't do that on Freebuild.

Nearly 2 months now and the code is still in the game for the old controls mode because they keep popping back in my game. It should be possible to revert back to the original format. My fear is that there's no plan to do that and just to look at the bugs rather than the discomfort and inconvenience. There's just no way of knowing.

Edit: attached is an image of the terrain tool sizing, greyed out. I had to go to the eraser tool and resize it instead then go back to the paint tool. I then had a similar nightmare trying to resize the lower terrain tool which was stuck in the middle size.

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This issue is still being ignored? 

How dare EA not respond in any way when disabled players are telling them that the changes they have made to the game are causing physical pain and discomfort? Not even an acknowledgment of these complaints. It is disrespectful and disgusting. I hate that The Sims gets celebrated for it's inclusivity when EA are actively ignoring disabled players. It's insidious hypocrisy and even in the unlikely event of the controls being reverted, I don't think I want to play or spend my money on The Sims anymore. I can no longer trust EA as a company when they lie about their values. 


There is currently a petition on that is being posted on Twitter should anyone wish to sign it. (I don't have the link, sorry). 

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@ShopGirl98 Proof that ea treats console players like second class people
They don't care about us nor our health problems
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@ShopGirl98 Ea could of fixed this with a patch within days but it's now been 2 months so I highly doubt they will ever fix the controls now
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I absolutely hate the new controls. They are so horrible, way more tedious and time consuming. The way they used to be was just fine. Why try to fix something that wasn't broken. Honestly, fix the actual game play issues and crashes. Not change things that were never an issue.

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Controls Are Horrible

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After the console control patch on January 31st I've tried my absolute hardest to adjust to the changes, however I've found these new controls to be the complete opposite of what the sims team was going for. Using a controller to play the sims is now more frustrating than ever especially in build mode, many times when I've tried to move between the catalogue and the actual lot I'm building on, my cursor would get stuck in the catalogue, not allowing me to select anything on my lot, and the only way for me to fix this is by restarting my game. I genuinely don't know anyone who asked for this change, id much rather have the old controls and closed catalogue back. If anyone could forward this to the team it would be greatly appreciated. 

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Sul sul, 


We wanted to pop in to provide an update on this. The team has been hard at work reviewing all of your thoughts and concerns provided thus far, and is actively working to update and further improve your console experience. 


We truly appreciate all the feedback you've been sharing on these changes, it’s abundantly clear that The Sims 4 community feels passionately about this topic, and we’re doing our best to ensure the console experience is the best it can be. 


Thank you again for helping us by providing your great feedback. We truly believe The Sims 4 has the greatest, most passionate fans, and that you’re what make The Sims so great.

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@EA_Cade I don't want them to 'improve' the controls, I just want them back the way they were.

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@EA_CadeI really need you to hear me when I say this. I've purchased nearly all packs on Xbox & had purchased all packs until 2020 on PS4. If you don't bring back controls that are actually usable, specifically the dpad in build mode I'm going to start very loudly demanding my money back. I didn't pay $1k+ for "improved" controls. I paid for the old system for a reason. Fix it or refund me all my purchases. I haven't been able to play since you effectively ruined the game.


Edit: people with special needs & disabilities cannot scroll with a thumb stick the way you would with a mouse. Frankly this complete change in his the game plays is an absolute insult to everyone who is differently abled. I play console because a controller supports my needs where a PC doesn't as easily. Charging the controls made the game LESS accessable for me. Please revert back to the old controller controls.

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I've been doing the 100 baby challenge and stopped since they changed the controls, it seems like the only way to play with these new controls is to use a keyboard but it's like hey give us "keyboard controls" (the way it is now) and "controller mode" (the way it was before)

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