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Build mode and glitch

by Lucciddreamss

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Build mode and glitch

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Every time I go to build mode my game stops and a error message pops up and it kicks me off. 

Also everytime my toddler eats after the food is gone he can't out the plate down, so it's stuck in his hand and since its stuck he can't do other things like use the potty or take a bath. This only happens when I need to feed him. Please help. Frown 

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Re: Build mode and glitch

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What does the Error message say?

The toddler issue is known and was fixed in the recent patch so update your game.

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Re: Build mode and glitch

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I've added a file of what the error says. And I updated everything 2 days ago. My Ps4 and Sims. Sims is the only game I have on my PlayStation and no I don't have any expansion packs or anything like that. Everything was fine till the update. 

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Re: Build mode and glitch

@Lucciddreamss There's an issue with the game crashing when placing doors on console. Does it crash for you everytime or just involving doors ?

For the toddlers. Also a known bug.

I moved this to the console forum.

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Re: Build mode and glitch

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Just when placing doors as far as i know. 

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