Attention Console Simmers - Loose Tooth Issue

by EA_Cade

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Attention Console Simmers - Loose Tooth Issue

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An issue has been identified when playing The Sims 4 Growing Together on PlayStation or Xbox. When encountered, this issue can result in a sudden and unwanted change to your Sim's skin tone, hair style, and clothing. Please follow the guidance shared here to avoid this issue until a game update is available for these platforms.

If you have a child in your household, you should watch for your child to receive the uncomfortable "Loose Tooth" moodlet. This moodlet can appear after a child wakes up from sleep, or participates in a strenuous physical activity.

When you see the "Loose Tooth" moodlet on your child, you should then click on that Sim and select the "Pull Out Loose Tooth" interaction as soon as possible.

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid letting the "Loose Tooth" moodlet naturally expire.
  • Avoid your Child aging up to a Teen while the "Loose Tooth" moodlet is active.
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