2 issues/bugs that need attention

by whurledpeas4all

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2 issues/bugs that need attention

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First issue; 

It would be nice if the goal line or endzone lit up when your kick returner is in the endzone during a kickoff or punt. Many times I've chosen to fair catch the ball because it appears or seems that I am in the endzone for a touchback when infact I'm not and I fair catch it in the field at the 1 inch line. Could EA please look into this. 


Second issue; 

When running a pass play where receivers cross the field from one side to other at different depths down field, more often than not if I choose the receiver in the middle, it will choose either the deepest receiver or the shalowest receiver, as if the game can't tell which receiver you are choosing or the active area around the player to select him crosses with another players active area and it doesn't throw to the receiver you intentionally selected.


Would appreciate EA looking into these issues. They can and do cause players to lose games and drives. Thank you!

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