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post 1.1 Ponder Infinity + Stasis Chain

by AOD_Timeless164

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post 1.1 Ponder Infinity + Stasis Chain

★★★★★ Novice

Ive been enjoying the new damage output combining these gears. Granted I'm 774 but regardless of gear level if you at least have the masterwork gears and masterwork components that boost their damage, the output is very competitive. I'm seeing single target 140k - 200k dmg. If it actually arcs the way it supposed to that can go up to 1MM net damage.


The downside... BW f'd up gear recharge rates across the board when they "fixed" bonus charges. So Even with 150+% gear speed I'm waiting and waiting... Second, there is no aim assist on Stasis/ArcBurst so the cost of missing is HIGH oh so high. And third, it's kinda broken. It doesn't arc to nearby enemies the way it's supposed to. Its kinda random.


Still I'm running with it as it seems to do the most damage of any build I've played now.

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Re: post 1.1 Ponder Infinity + Stasis Chain

★★★★★ Novice
The gear recharge speed being broken is annoying. I probably had 1 gear speed based build on each Jav, and they are no longer fun to play.

I agree with the stasis chain being pretty fun now though!
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