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Windwall buff

by MrSandman777

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Windwall buff

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Similar to the rangers Bulwark Shield, the Windwall gets shredded rather easily on the harder difficulties. Put it on a timer or buff it. 


Also, an idea if it hasn't been thought of already, friendly projectiles that go through the wall do extra damage.
Wall causes damage to enemies that walk through it.

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Re: Windwall buff

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Agreed. Needs to be timed to be viable. Don't even know if the Storm will actually be playable at GMs levels .. kinda worried i have to admit. Lots of people already say the Ranger will be the best when the beast gets hard to kill... Frown
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Re: Windwall buff

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I imagine higher lvl versions of Wind Wall will block more dmg.. but it's also not meant to be around that long anyway (same goes for the ranger bubble shield?) It's just a support skill that can help guard your flank from a sniper for a bit while you get into a better position. Or I use it when my shields are down and I need to throw it up to escape to cover without getting nailed in the back.

I'm not worried about any Javelin's ability to survive in the GM levels..provided adequate skill, and each GM lvl will require ALOT more attention to the details of positioning that just going out hog wild on normal like we are now, not to mention combo utilization.

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Re: Windwall buff

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I definitly agree with you about the Wind shield that needs to be improved.


@AkuziXBL  not to mention combo utilization.

Yeah I also noticed that combos simply don't exist against hard ennemies. So the developpers created a game mechanic, and then deleted it in the hard content of the game ? Really special…


And in the case of the storm, when you usually cast spells even more than other javelins, barely using your rifle, you become quite useless in the high level content if you cannot make combos.



Have a nice day

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Re: Windwall buff

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You can buff it by using wind wall specific seals/components. It makes a lot of difference.
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Re: Windwall buff

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I agree it needs to be buffed and with the added effect of empowering friendly projectiles, even on hard difficulty it doesn't last long of course My wind wall is only lvl 22 so it has low health atm but eventually when I max it out with legendary grade wind wall it shouldn't be gone after 3 enemy shots.

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Re: Windwall buff

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Yeah, Epic windwall is simply not worth the cast. Any random scrub in GM1 will destroy it in two shots, and I don't know if it even exists in MasterWorks? I've never got any Support ability in Strongholds anyway.

It's only worth using when there are snipers around as it can absorb one shot but still.


What I think should be done is basing its "health" on a percentage of the Storm's shield. That way, it would scale with your MW/Legendary components.

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Re: Windwall buff

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I felt they made it too transparent, even if i can try and find it the teammates definitely don't. Preferred the one in the beta

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