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Storm ice abilities

by nexodus1979

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Storm ice abilities

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Ok I have a question, the MW and legendary ice abilities or for crowd control and combo setups right?  So not a lot of damage even with all the boosters you can muster your not going to kill anything with it. Unless you lucky to get that killing blow of some critter at have one HP. 


So why give them the perk if you kill a target you get one recharge or heal for 35%. When there is a higher chance of you ultimate recharging twice before you kill anything with you ice abilities?


and before you tell me ice is for crowd control not damage the was my first sentence.   

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Re: Storm ice abilities

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 I guess it depends on how you look at it. While ice is great for crowd control like you said, you have a chance to kill targets if you hit with it after an ally combo your ice goes off and the enemy are low enough to die then its not bad. Or you could combo ice and fire together or something to get it to proc for you.

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Re: Storm ice abilities

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I think Ice is awesome. To be honest: it works an other way than pure dd. But to be able to control whole Groups of Enemys ....


I personally Play Freeze-Storm With some Sigils (Sniper, recharge and Frost) ans Sniper-rifle. Learn the weaks  of the Enemys. With Frost they are Standing still and You can aim. 


But You have  One big Enemy: Fire ... 


It sucks to freeze an Enemy and someone of your Team is cancel the freeze.


Right Now i am bist curios about some components ans will have a try without elemental synergy. Will have a look ich the sniper dmg is increased without this component.





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