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Storm and Blast dmg

by Sanorye

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Storm and Blast dmg

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Many components i got for my storm starting to show Blast Dmg. Is it a very good stat and i should go for it? or I should go elemental dmg? so confused ^^




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Re: Storm and Blast dmg

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Paired good with Devastator, if you can detonate the acid and charge shot a round it might be a nice explosive damage. Test it!
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Re: Storm and Blast dmg

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I watched a Youtube video and the guy said blast damage boosts your AOE damage.
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Re: Storm and Blast dmg

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That stat is effectively useless.  It affects weapon blast damage.  This means blast damage from weapons ie. Grenade Lauchers, devastator blasts etc.  However there is a Cog next to the stat meaning this stat only effects the piece of gear that it is on.  Since Venomous Blaze is gear and not a weapon it receives effectively no bonus.  

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Re: Storm and Blast dmg

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Impact is single target damage and blast is aoe damage.  Doesn't matter if it's weapon/ability/element/physical. For example, the mw sparkbeam on the ranger is impact damage but it's 3 hit explosion is blast damage (I did quite a bit of testing on the ranger). Spark beam is a fire ability. The rifle that 3 headshots into a fire explosion's fire explosion scales with blast damage.  


But the image you posted has a gear looking symbol (only effects item) instead of a javelin symbol (global modifier) by the trait so you'll get no benefit from plus weap blast damage since it's a gear item and not a weapon. 


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Re: Storm and Blast dmg

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This is one of the mechanics in game that confuses me. Storm has a "Blast Seal" slot. But if I'm reading this thread correctly, just because it is in the Blast Seal spot, it doesn't mean it does blast damage?

My "Ice Storm" Seal says it causes "icy explosions" so is that counted as blast?  


Also instead of a new thread I'm gonna ask here:


Both pictures are basically an Epic and a MW. The MW says Increases blast damage by 35%. The Chaos Core says it increases blast damage by 35% of base value. 

It can be read as "This is the same effect you can only use one" OR... "One will increase your blast damage by 35% of base value and the other will increase THAT total by 35%"


Wishful thinking?



***Edit: Just realized the gear specifies blast damage in the item stats just like it does for fire ice or lightning.

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Re: Storm and Blast dmg

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Re: Storm and Blast dmg

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I think its useless cause it says weap = for weapons only not seal and its gear lock
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Re: Storm and Blast dmg

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Community Manager

Hey everyone, 


I removed the salutation of the post as it's incorrect, while it was before we made the blog post on what all stats do in the game. 


This is what weapon blast damage does: 



List of what all the stats do:




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Re: Storm and Blast dmg

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I love anything fire Wink

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