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Storm Master WorkComponent-Tome of Precision.

by Jenarii

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Storm Master WorkComponent-Tome of Precision.

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Sorry if this has already been discussed but I just have to say, I really like where you guys were heading with this! "Increases electric damage by 5%, electric effect by 5%. Sniper rifle weak point kills increase electric damage by 60% for 5 seconds."

That's huge! I love flying around in my Storm feeling like the Thunder god himself so this is really appealing. HOWEVER....this is just about impossible to trigger. If it was sniper rifle weak point hits, that'd be one thing....but kills? In all the chaos of fighting on GM1 or 2, it's incredibly hard to take the time to pull off that kind of shot, not to mention sniper rifles just don't have enough punch to one shot even the weaker guys on those difficulties. Not to mention that IF I miraculously make that shot, by the time I zoom out of my scope and find a new target to use my amazing 60% boost on, the five seconds is already almost up. So I'm begging you, can we please do one or more of the following?


  • Increase Sniper rifle weak point damage and box across the board.
  • Change the trigger to sniper rifle weak point hits instead of kills.
  • Increase the duration of the buff to make it more rewarding.


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Re: Storm Master WorkComponent-Tome of Precision.

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Agreed.  I used to have this in my load out until I realized I wasn't getting sniper rifle kills   Sniper rile weak point kills happen fairly rarely at higher difficulties where weapon damage does not scale as well as blast damage.  I think it they fixed the weapon damage scaling issue this would trigger more often.


I think 'x number of weak point hits in a row' would be better a better trigger.

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Re: Storm Master WorkComponent-Tome of Precision.

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In describing the difficulty of the situation you forgot to add in while hovering you're the target of every gun and missile out there.  The added resistance to the shield doesn't seem to really matter much when everything is shooting at you. So you have 5 seconds to dodge and weave, aim, zoom, and then finally shoot.

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Re: Storm Master WorkComponent-Tome of Precision.

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Agreed. Sniper rifles in general feel extremely underwhelming. I always feel like I'm putting out more dps, specifically in a hover build, with Avenging Herlad which seems to average around 9k hits, where my sniper weak point hits average around 4k. Something is definitely off. Which makes the Tome never reliable.

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