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Storm, 29.900K dmg.

by Kzruz

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Storm, 29.900K dmg.

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Hi, could someone help me? I need to know why any combo, normal melee, combo melee, does the same amount of damage on Storm, He really needs a buff. I have been tried so many builds, I got the same results.

I posted a video on youtube about it:

It doesn't matter what I do, I'm dealing 29.900K damage, meanwhile, Colossus does over a million damage.


I really suggest to change harvest bonus for damage or shield, Harvest bonus is really useless. at any roll, I have harvest bonus


expand the radius of Ponder Infinity to 7



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Re: Storm, 29.900K dmg.

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They already changed the LUCK stat to ARMOR, they can't change all the secondary stats like harvest to something GG like shield etc...

To keep some balance to items and to keep ''godroll'' items, there has to be a chance to get GOOD and BAD stats on the item..

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Re: Storm, 29.900K dmg.

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@TheRealUDOT Wait wut? loooool I forgot about this question since I uninstalled the game one month ago
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