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Re: How dumb is this?

by Orgismo

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How dumb is this?

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Living Flame Epic: Primer

Living Flame MW: Not a primer.

Living Flame Legendary: you guessed it- not a primer.Did someone go out of their way to make the MW and Legendary versions SUCK?

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Re: How dumb is this?

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I believe it still is a primer... I have MW living flame... my fav gear... once the living flame bounces it adds fire damage... once there is fire damage/icon use ur detonator and u will get a combo

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Re: How dumb is this?

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Fairly certain they forgot to add the icon that says its a primer. Same goes for Ice Blast all of the Ice Blast from common to Masterwork don't show its a primer but i combo all the time with Ice Blast and Burning Orb even when solo.

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Re: How dumb is this?

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Thanks to both of you! I've run with the MW living flame but it's often hard to tell if it's me or someone else hitting the combo because I prime the hell out of mobs from a distance. I'll try to pay more attention to it and verify. 


Appreciate your help.

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Re: How dumb is this?

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Jump into a private mission yourself test it on a mob will take a few mins and then you can confirm 100% if its a missing graphic or they did screw up and not primer it.

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Re: How dumb is this?

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Just wanted to let you know I'm running Legendary Black Ice and Binary Star. Binary star has 200% charges. I'm face raping mobs. The Binary Ice freezes mobs near whatever I hit, and Binary Star hits for a combo. I hit something with Binary Star and it's on fire long enough for Black Ice to spark the combo. It's crazy. Binary Star also burns for a really long time.  I'm happier with my Storm now than I've been in a long time. The synergy it has now is about on  the level I have my Interceptor. 


Have a couple of + Shield pieces which if working is giving me about 130% to shield. It'd fun as hell.

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