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Has anyone had a low-damage bug?

by ProfessorSpankIt

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Has anyone had a low-damage bug?

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For some reason, the last couple of missions/strongholds, my Storm is doing insanely low abysmal.


Storm is at 702 power level but I'm hitting basic mobs for around 150 on my Legendary assault rifles, and none of my combos can even break 1k dmg. I've tried changing loadouts, making a new one, quitting the game, nothing. It's like my javelin is permanently nerfed.

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Re: Has anyone had a low-damage bug?

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Somewhat of a similar problem  and it seemed to be random , as if it wasn't adding the extra base or % dmg from gear and such properly,


I tried a few private sessions on the same beasties and the dmg would swing all over the plc. Log back in later on everthing would seem to be fine,  once again later on  it would be varied again

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Re: Has anyone had a low-damage bug?

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I noticed this thing in gm2. I have all MW components, all DMG based and I can't do not even the half of the DMG that is done from the others javelins.


I don't have any problems on gm1, but on gm2 looks like I'm useless.

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Re: Has anyone had a low-damage bug?

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Ive had it where my Ponder Infinity hits the target but does no damage at all, I see THAT rather a lot. A new one though, is where I go to charge an ability, and it gets to maybe 75% charged and just resets. Respawning seems to fix it though

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