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Does Blast apply?

by AOD_Timeless164

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Does Blast apply?

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To Ponder Infinity or Ten Thousand Suns for example? they produce explosions, I'm ASSUMING it's pure Elemental but let me know if not . And if not, WHY is there a component that specifically increases blast damage for Storm?

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Re: Does Blast apply?

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Blast applies to Ponder Infinity and Ten Thousand Suns when 10k Suns is fully charged.


Hope this helps Standard smile

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Re: Does Blast apply?

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I've also found everything in this to be extremely helpful in playing Anthem:


Happy Reading!

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Re: Does Blast apply?

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Hi. If you tell me you tested and confirmed this or cite a Dev or solid testing by someone else.. xp for you

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Re: Does Blast apply?

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I can't speak to all of the data within the excel sheet but it was very accurate at one point in time.  Especially the data on blast.  I currently have a blast build on Storm and Ranger.

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