Re: cant open spore on steam

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cant open spore on steam

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hello ive been trying to open spore via steam but i wont work ive run it as administrator and changed the compatibiklety setting but nothing makes it work. when i want to run the game it tries to open it but after about 30 seconds it just stops and does nothing im on a windows 10 pc im hoping sombody on here can help thanks in advance

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Re: cant open spore on steam

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@Kabouterwessly Do you have any security software running currently, that you can allow it through or temporarily disable to see if this keeps happening?

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Re: cant open spore on steam

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Me too - just bought this for Christmas holiday fun for the kids but it won't start.  I have multiple monitors and it seems to be trying to figure out which one to use and then just stops.  The game is still running but if I click on the taskbar icon (Windows 10) it just tries to load onto a screen again and then fails, leaving the game seemingly running but not accessible. 


Update: Validating install files and it says "one file failed to validate and will be re-acquired" but then it doesn't do anything.

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Re: cant open spore on steam

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Hello. I have found several ways that might help you.


  • Try switching from Steam to Origin. Download the game from Origin and remove from Steam.
  • Try to enable the Compatibility mode of the game file (SporeApp.exe) with Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP2.
  • Unplug the second monitor and leave one. Does the game start properly?

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Re: cant open spore on steam

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@LG40000 i have the exact problem but only one monitor
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Re: cant open spore on steam

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I had this same issue with Spore, on a nice brand new gaming tower & after lots of troubleshooting and file verification, etc. + no visible solution here I had given up.

Then I encountered it with a couple of other games, and seeing as my computer should have no excuses I started checking more things. Most games ran fine, but I had 3 programs hitting this issue.

For me, the solution was changing the cable connecting my tower to the monitor & the port it was on just in-case.

Best guess as to why that would be is maybe Spore's way of handling more minor hardware issues like this (that many other programs can compensate for) is simply very broken in Windows 10.

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