cannot log in to spore

by MuchozolF

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cannot log in to spore

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I bought a physical copy years ago, it's registered on my EA account ever since. I can log in on, it redirects me to an EA sing-in page and everything works. I try to log in in-game, using the same email and password, it doesn't work.


edit: oh, and I installed it from the EA app, on Windows 11

edit2: I talked with the chat support, they had me flush my DNS, which didn't help, then they told me it seems to be a bug and they'll get working on a fix.


Error message when trying to log in (translated by me, from Polish): "Login failed. There was an error connecting to the Spore server. Your computer may be not connected to the internet or there was a problem with the connection. Check connection or visit to get additional help or check server status."

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