Which platform should I buy Spore from?

by WiccanWiz

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Which platform should I buy Spore from?

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I recently saw a video on Spore and I wanted to play it for the nostalgia. I haven't played this since high school!


When I tried to buy it on my Steam account, it kept saying their servers are down, and then I found this site. Should I buy it straight from EA or wait for the problem to be fixed on steam?


I already requested steam for a refund, and I want to know if I should canceled the request or not.

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Re: Which platform should I buy Spore from?

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Maintenance is server wide, so no matter what copy you'll get, you won't be able to connect.


However, Steam version is a terrible version of Spore due to online functionality being broken due to revocation of CD-Keys and mods don't work due to Steams DRM. The best copy of Spore and it's expansions are on GOG.com

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