User interface too small

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User interface too small

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The user interface is very small on high resolution monitors In order in order to make it a reasonable size especially on smaller screens You need to reduce your resolution dramatically which makes the game look worse. please fix this EA. I will provide some screenshots to show how small the interface is this is set to the maximum resolution resolution option which I believe is based on your computer resolution for me its 2052x1368. Tanks

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Re: User interface too small

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its cuz u have the resolution set too high. This game is kinda * so theres no reason to run it at the same resolution as your desktop (probaby 2k or 4k from the looks of it) 

Change the graphics settings the "default" resolution which should be 1176x664 and your UI will return to  normal size. Youll need to restart the game after for it to take effect. 



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