Re: Steam users unable to create Spore account or redeem game on Origin

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Re: Steam users unable to create Spore account or redeem game on Origin

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@xXEatThatPieXx I tried it and managed to get my code but when I want to register it it says this code has already be redeemed -_-
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Spore: can't connect to online servers

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TLDR: I can't connect to Spore online servers, because I don't own the "option" needed to grant access to online servers (Which is called "Access to MySpore at"). And it seems that the only way to fix this is via removing Spore from my Origin game library, and adding it back with both options "Access to MySpore at" and  "SPORE™". But only a EA admin can do this, I think.

Here's my situation:
1) I own a disc copy of the game bought years ago (CD + Product Code).
2) I know that the CD version of the game doesn't support online services, in fact I can't connect online via CD version of Spore.
3) When you redeem a Spore Product Code via Origin/ (see attachment "SPORE file 01"), the system allows you to pick ONLY ONE of the six available options; of these six, the one named "Access to MySpore at" (marked in red in the attachment) allows you to register your Spore account online; while the one called "SPORE™" allows you to play the game offline.
4) If you only have "SPORE™" you can only play the game offline and are not allowed to go online; but if you only have "Access to MySpore at" you do not get the game in your library. Long story short "SPORE™" = game; "Access to MySpore at" = online access (BUT NO GAME).

Few days ago, I redeemed the Product Code at -> Account Settings -> Redeem Product Code (, but since at the time I didn't know about this problem with spore, I selected "Access to MySpore at", in fact after the code was redeemed, nothing happened, there was no SPORE in my Origin library.
Then I asked EA support for help and they added the game on my library; but after I installed Spore and tried to register online, an error occurred (see attachment "SPORE file 02"), probably because the game added to my Origin account had a different Product Code than the one I redeemed at

For those who don't understand the second attachment, basically, there are two ways to log in.
The first one (right side of the image) let you register your Spore account with email, password and Username and, as you can see, the text underlined in red says "An unknown error occurred during registration. Try again".
The second one (left sid of the image) let you log in to activate web functions with only email and password, but also here, after I tried to log in, an error message (pointed with the red arrow) came out.

I asked EA support for help again, but they thought It was a connection problem, and not a Spore /account problem, so they suggested me to ask Microsoft to fix my Internet connection.
After that I browsed inside different Spore community (Steam/Reddit/Discord servers) and it seemed that the only option to fix this problem is by asking someone to remove Spore from my Origin library and adding it again but with both options "Access to MySpore at" and  "SPORE™" (see attachment "SPORE file 01").
The point is to link both options together in a single EA account.

Few info before replying
No, this is not a connection problem of my PC/Modem, don't link me anything related to this.
Do not redirect me to not tell me to ask help at, because at I get redirected here.
I have already looked through every FAQ/Answer HQ already posted on, and noone helped, because I need an admin to fix this.
Don't ask if credentials are wrong, because whenever I try to log in using wrong email/password a different error message comes out saying "Wrong email/password".

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There was an error connecting to the Spore servers.

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Can't register, nor on steam, nor on origin.


The message reads as following: There was an error connecting to the Spore servers. Your computer might be offline or your internet connection may be having problems. Check your connection or visit for additional assistance or server status.


Things to consider:

- My firewall is not blocking spore.

- I do have a functional internet connection and can access any website given.

- Yes, I did ran the windows network troubleshooter to no avail.

- Yes, I contacted EA support and opened a case, got redirected here.

- No, I'm not buying anything just to register.

- Yes, I reinstalled Spore and restarted my PC.

- Yes, I own Spore on origin too, though I can't find my CDKEY on steam, I contacted the support and was given a copy on Origin.


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Re: Steam users unable to create Spore account or redeem game on Origin

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I have same problem. i brought it from steam in 2020 and i didnt knew that cd keys are thing so im idiot. i hope ea would give me cdkey
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Re: Steam users unable to create Spore account or redeem game on Origin

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I bought my game from Steam, however one of the advisors on EA transfered it to Origin as well. For some reason doesn't sense the game in my account, but I have my account, as I can write here.


When I try to login in game, it tells me that it couldn't connect to the spore servers.


When I try to register it tells me that an unknown error has occured


I am really confused, can't get a refund from steam, as the EA helpers made me keep the game open for over 2 hours, and I am completely helpless. Can anybody help me MANUALLY? Sending me a link to an article won't help, as I tried most of the popular ones.

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Re: Steam users unable to create Spore account or redeem game on Origin

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What are people saying to get a copy of the game added to their Origin account? I have talked to 5 people and they all said they couldn't add it.

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Re: Steam users unable to create Spore account or redeem game on Origin

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is there gonna be a fix for it or they just gave up on it?
i bought it on steam yesterday on sale and i didnt saw any warning like it was said in the topic above.

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