‎Spore - Space Stage - Almost none alien life‎

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‎Spore - Space Stage - Almost none alien life‎

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Hi there!


So, after a year I started playing Spore again, with both DLCs. When I got to the climax, space stage, it was... empty. I was used to huge (3 to maybe 8) systems of each alien life. But now when I got there, theres just few planets, single systems, with alien life across huge distances. And thats quite sad. I was trying to find anything in the internet, chech the file integrity, even start new campains. But with no change. I reached for EA contact, talked about it with Akash, and he stated:

"I am sure this is because there has been no new contents uploaded in the game"


So, I would like to kindly ask the game team to put some stuff into the game. There definitely are many active players that may not consider this as a solvable issue (as I thought too before) and possibly stop playing Spore.





EDIT: weeks and its ignored. So I actually tried to download "old" pirate version in hopes to get working universe that I may use, everything in-game without internet, so it should technicaly work. But it doesnt. And I get that you guys are contantly trying to solve many problems, but this is something that blocks basic progress in game

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