Spore Code and EA APP

by pencilstripe

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Spore Code and EA APP

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I bought the hard copy of spore some time ago, before the origin and EA apps.  I decided to get the game out of storage and play again but now I am having trouble.  It doesn't want to load and start after installing and I can't add the code to my game library.  I've searched for answers but to be honest I wish things could just be simple and let me add my code and play my game that I paid for instead of possibly having to buy a digital copy and shell out more money because now everything is going digital instead of on disc.  Please someone help me fix this issue because I thought I had a fix but my game keeps crashing.  And it's not because of my video cards or lack of computer capabilities, I just had a custom built gaming computer.  So, please... please someone help me with this headache.

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