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Re: bot parts yet again

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Any chance I could get some details on how you made this happen?

I've been trying to get bot parts working for a while. The EA advisors I'm contacting are saying that they don't have the ability to enable the parts.

Am I just waiting to get lucky enough to contact an advisor that knows how to do it?

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Bot parts in 2021

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Is it still possible for me to have these enabled? From what I can read on these forums, it seems like a game of luck to find an advisor who either knows how to activate them or still has access to older parts of the system. The most recent posts regarding this, claim to have gotten it working with the help of one of the advisors, while also noting that they had to be really persistent and annoying. I don't necessarily want to be that guy, but I'll go to whatever lengths for this game.

I'm not just yelling into the void, am I?

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Re: bot parts yet again

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@thethreegobsPretty much just luck yes.
Only a select few can actually do it, it seams.
You have to explain why you want the bot parts badge, tell them you can't get it by normal means but the parts are still able to be downloaded, and then ask if they can manually give it to you on your Spore.com account so you can share your creations because without the badge you can't do that.

It's frustrating beyond belief but incredibly rewarding when you get the right dude.

Your chance might be slightly higher on phone too vs the online chat but I'm not 100% sure.

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Re: bot parts yet again

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Ok, I'll keep trying then. Thanks for responding.

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Re: bot parts yet again

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No prob, good luck!
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Re: bot parts yet again

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Yeah I can't remember the details exactly but I had my story and I just kept calling support with it. I'm pretty sure I'd seen a forum thread with a response from someone at EA saying to call support for it bc it includes the patch that wasn't available outside the US otherwise. Other than that it was just a case of keeping trying until there was someone willing to do it. There is a chance they've changed how they handle it so they might not be lying but I had a couple reps say that and that they'd pass it to someone else or something (which never went anywhere) but the time that they actually enabled it for me the call was really short lmao. Just gotta keep trying (or get the unofficial patch mod but I think that disables online connectivity which sucks).

Good luck!

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Re: Spore Bot Parts

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I am currently trying to enable the bot parts on my account as well, I guess wish me luck!

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Re: Spore Bot Parts

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I have not posted here in a while but to my understanding this is the current Bot Parts "meta".


Spam EA until you get an advisor that knows what you're talking about AND is capable of adding the Bot Parts to your account. You can tell by the badge under your name on the spore website. This will allow you to post creations using the Bot Parts.


If you do not already have the Bot Parts installed then download them from here: https://beyondsims.com/2010/01/dr-peppereas-spore-1-06-patch-and-14-mech-parts-download/


Once you have the BP2_Data.package you put it in the DataEP1 folder. This will add the Bot Parts to your game.


I understand that this isn't a very thorough explanation and the method itself is pretty counterintuitive. So if you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will be glad to help in anyway I can. 


I can not claim to have all the answers but at the very least I've messed around with this stuff for a few years now so hopefully I can be of help.


Good luck and Spodespeed.




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Re: Spore Bot Parts

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@lucasmsalva All you can really do is keep asking until you get an advisor that knows what you're talking about.
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Re: Spore Bot Parts

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That's was hard, bud i did this, and i activate Bot Parts! Thanks to you, and EA HELP! Especially tnx to Vipin S.and Charandeep - they are the best! 

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