How to find your Spore Serial Code

by EA_Mat

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How to find your Spore Serial Code

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Spore bought on Origin

The key is displayed directly after purchase on the confirmation page in Origin. It's admittedly easy overlooked.

I tested the purchase myself and received the key in my confirmation email. So this should be fixed.

The developers have been made aware of the key not being displayed in MY GAMES > game details
Fixed: Key can be found in MY GAMES > game details

Spore copies bought on Origin can be traced by customer support and a game advisor should be able to assist in cases where players can't find their key.

Physical Spore copies

There is a big article on how to find the key in your registry on the official Spore board that may be helpful:

If the game was previously registered on Origin by a games advisor, the key can be found in MY GAMES > game details

I will update this thread as soon as I get more information.



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Re: How to find your Spore Serial Code

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@ashroughcut wrote:

I purchased a used hard copy of Spore yesterday for my son. Upon trying to install today I realized there is no Registration Key inside the case. Is there a way I can be issued a  Registration Key for it? The game was purhcased along side a full hard copy of CREATURE CREATOR which does have it's manual with Registration Key.  I could provide the CREATURE CREATOR Registration Key as a reference of association with this copy of "Spore" the full game if that helps? Greatly appreciate help with this, my 8 year old son has been dying for this game for quiet a while and his little heart is breaking. PLEASE HELP!  Thanks!

As you mentioned Spore is a used copy, I don't think you will get provided with another key by EA. The code was used by the original owner of the game most likely and if they didn't use it they should provide you with the code.


@zozopug wrote:

Same! This is insane! I saw the code and typed it in 3 times but it was wrong all 3 times i tried it!Teeth bared

If you bought the game from Origin, there is nothing to use the code on. It is for reference purposes only.

When you install Spore from Origin and log into the game using the same email and password you use with Origin that is it.

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Re: How to find your Spore Serial Code

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I have a Mac, so these instructions won't work for me.  Is there a way I can find out what my code is?


Thanks for the assistance.


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Re: How to find your Spore Serial Code

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my spore disappeared from my account , i tried to contact an ea advisor but he said just put all games to display and it will appear but i didnt, i am searching it for days and still you never have an advisor or something that really can do something


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Re: How to find your Spore Serial Code

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Is there any way to get the code re-sent? I'm trying to reinstall my games after a major upgrade and this one game is giving me a headache. Oh, and yes, I have gone round and round and round with trying to find a way to get direct contact, but, frankly, it's like wandering in a maze of twisty passages, all of them alike.


[EDIT] Nevermind. I eventually found my way through the maze and landed on a live chat, but nobody was answering (despite it saying it was less than a five minute wait). I do have the phone number now, though, and I'll call during the week and get them to trace my order. And then I'll copy and save my serial number MYSELF so I never have to do this again. Standard smile


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Re: How to find your Spore Serial Code

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I just spent $19.99 and have not received the registration code. I got the confirmation email but there is no registration code.  Send the registration code please.

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Re: How to find your Spore Serial Code

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I got spore for my birthday. My aunt bought it on Amazon a few years ago. I need help, I cannot find the little paper with the serial on it.

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Re: How to find your Spore Serial Code

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My confirmation e-mail link is not working.  I can't get my confirmation code without it.  Fix it!!

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Re: How to find your Spore Serial Code

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I have cd format and i lost my activation key in my case which is missing, and i formatted my computer, is there a way to get the code back?

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Re: How to find your Spore Serial Code

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This thread hasn't been updated in close to 8 months old but this is still a problem.


I bought Spore last night on Origin and the confirmation email didn't include the confirmation code.

Spore appears in My Games in Origin.

Spore appears in my order history in Origin.

But no confirmation code came in the email. The Order Confirmation email came but it only included the order number.


The contact-us link listed at the top of this thread doesn't lead to anything useful. 

The Live Chat option in Origin does not lead to live chat even with language set to US English.

The phone number I found gives a message that tells you to enter your call back information at the help website, yet there's nowhere to enter this information.

The whole experience is frustrating, to say the least.


EA_Mat, could you please update this thread with current relevant information for resolving this problem?





AND... just as I was about to post this, I logged into Origin again and the Product Code was there! I can assure you that it wasn't there when we started troubleshooting. Oh well, on to the next issue I guess... 


Nevertheless, updated support info would still be appreciated.

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Re: How to find your Spore Serial Code

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This is BS i want my money back you guys ripped me off and i want my money i never recived a registration code and these isnsrtuctions are for windows and i have a Mac. So please give me my money back.

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