Galactic adventures point system

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Galactic adventures point system

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I've been trying to contact EA to request that the points system for Spore Galactic Adventures is re-added into the game. Currently, every adventure is stuck at only 15 points. Originally, this score was based on how many people succeeded or failed the adventure, but it seems that is no longer taken into account.
I am aware the spore servers have been closed down for a long time now but it would be nice to at least see this feature make a return.
Also, EA, please make your support system more accessible. I've been trying to get into contact with someone for at least an hour and this is literally the only place I can have a chance to contact somebody about this
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Re: Galactic adventures point system

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This is an old standing bug (I posted this thread 9 years ago but was never rectified).


Likely this will never be fixed unfortunately.



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